Ways To Save With Propane

Written on: March 11, 2024

Our Budget Payments Program

propane Ramseur, NC Propane, often referred to as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), is a popular choice for many households and businesses like yours in Ramseur, NC due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Here are some ways you can save with propane:

High Energy Efficiency

Propane appliances are generally more energy-efficient than their electric counterparts. This means you’ll use less energy to accomplish the same tasks, saving you money on your energy bills.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Propane appliances tend to have longer lifespans and lower maintenance costs compared to electric appliances. This can result in significant savings over the life of the appliance.

Keep Full Automatic Delivery

This service from Briles Oil & Gas can help you avoid running out of propane and can also optimize your delivery schedule, potentially saving you money. Getting your propane is effortless and worry-free with Keep Full automatic delivery. Once you enroll in Keep Full, your work is done. Never again will you have to go outside in bad weather to check your propane tank gauge levels. You won’t need to keep an eye on your propane tank gauge levels at all. And you won’t have to worry that you forgot to order propane and your propane supply ran low—or worse, ran out. A runout is a hassle and brings avoidable expenses with it, including an emergency delivery, a required pressure test, and professional relighting of the pilots on all of your propane appliances. To avoid all these problems (and the additional costs associated with them), sign up for Keep Full. When you sign up for Keep Full automatic delivery, we track your propane usage and the current weather. That information allows us to predict when you will need a propane delivery, and we’ll schedule it before your fuel runs low. You’ll avoid the headaches and costs associated with running out of propane.

Bulk Purchasing

Buying propane in bulk during the summer months when prices are typically lower can lead to substantial savings.

Budget Payments Program

Especially if you use propane to heat your Ramseur, NC home, you’re probably used to seeing your propane costs rise and fall like a roller coaster throughout the year. You can put a stop to the yo-yoing and have one consistent monthly payment if you sign up for the Briles Oil & Gas Budget Plan Program. We simply divide your estimated total heating costs into 10 monthly installments that you can more easily budget for. Then you just make the same low payment every month rather than see seasonal spikes that can be hard to reconcile with your budget.

Energy Audits

Consider having an energy audit performed on your home or business. This can help you identify areas where you could improve your energy efficiency and potentially save money.

Switch to Propane Appliances

If you’re using older, less efficient appliances, consider switching to propane-powered ones. While there may be an upfront cost, the long-term savings can be substantial. Propane appliances tend to run more cost-effectively than their electric counterparts.


Proper insulation can reduce the amount of propane needed to heat your home, leading to significant savings.


Propane is not only a versatile and efficient fuel source, but it can also lead to significant savings when used wisely. By implementing the strategies above, you can maximize your savings and get the most out of your propane usage. And Briles Oil & Gas is here to help.

Choose Briles Oil & Gas

There are lots of good reasons to use propane in your home. And when you’re in need of a propane supplier, Briles Oil & Gas is a full-service fuel provider you can trust. We’re a family business that treats our customers like family. And we have decades of experience making safe propane deliveries to homes around Davidson and Randolph counties in North Carolina.

Contact Briles Oil & Gas today to learn more, to enroll in our propane Budget Payments Program, or to sign up for our Keep Full automatic propane delivery plan.