Why Keep Oil in Your Tank This Summer?

Written on: August 3, 2021

oil tank repair north carolinaScheduling a heating oil delivery is probably the last thing on your mind right now – especially with all the hot weather experts are expecting to arrive here in North Carolina during the second half of summer 2021 (brace yourself – it’s going to be a scorcher).

But there is one big reason to keep oil in your tank throughout the summer months: it could help keep your tank from corroding.

Here’s why: As seasons change, water (condensation) forms inside your oil tank, much the way water forms on a cold glass on a hot day. The emptier your tank is, the more likely it will develop a condensation problem.

Having extra water inside your heating oil tank is bad news for two reasons: first, the bacteria that already live in your heating oil thrive in humidity – and when they multiply, they turn your heating oil into a thick fuel line- and burner nozzle-clogging sludge.

The second bit of bad news? Water is heavier than oil, so it will eventually drip from the tank wall and settle at the bottom of the tank, where it will get to work on eating away at the steel. Internal tank corrosion is a big problem, since it will eventually lead to leaks – ones you often won’t see coming until it’s too late.

The bottom line is that a build-up of condensation is not good for your heating oil tank, and keeping oil in your tank during the offseason is one of the best ways to prevent it. Getting a heating oil delivery now could also be a good way to save some money, since heating oil prices are often at their lowest during the offseason.

Need to top off your heating tank this summer? We can help you with an offseason heating oil delivery in Asheboro, Denton, Randolph, Chatham, Montgomery and Davidson counties. Contact Briles Oil & Gas to order heating oil today!