Propane Tank Installation & Cylinder Refill in Asheboro

Get safe propane tank storage with Briles Oil & Gas

propane tanks and cylindersDo you use propane appliances in your home? Are you building a new home and want to use propane for heating and other appliances? Are you renovating your home and adding more propane appliances? Or perhaps you are building an addition and you’ll be using more propane to keep your home warm.

Those are just some of the reasons you may be in the market for a new propane tank in Asheboro. Briles Oil & Gas can help with that. We sell underground propane tanks in a range of sizes and provide safe and expert propane tank installation. Our propane professionals will discuss with you your propane usage and if you plan to add more propane appliances in the future.

What proper sized propane tank does your home need? Here’s what sizes we offer:

underground propane120 gallons
These tanks are for homes that use propane for two or more propane appliances, such as ranges or cooktops, clothes dryers, water heaters, space heaters or fireplaces. You’ll need something larger for whole-house heating.

330 gallons and 500 gallons
If you’re using propane for whole-house heating, one of these is the size you’ll need.

1,000 gallons
These are often used in commercial or industrial settings. But if you have a very large home and use high-Btu propane appliances, such as pool heaters, you may need this size.

Always have your propane cylinder full with our refill stations in Asheboro and the surrounding area

Did you know that propane is the most popular fuel for grilling? That’s because when you grill with propane, you get convenience, ease and great results without the work and mess that go with charcoal.

Portable propane cylinders like those that power your grill are used in other ways around your home, like propane deck and patio heaters and firepits.

Making sure you have enough propane for cookouts and relaxing evenings at home is easy, thanks to Briles Oil & Gas. You can refill your propane cylinders at all three of our locations—in Asheboro, Denton and Ramseur. And if your propane cylinder needs recertification, we can do that for you, too.

Contact us to find out more about our propane tank and cylinder services. And don’t forget to ask about our Keep Full automatic propane delivery plan!