Propane Delivery and Service in Ramseur, Robbins, Denton and Asheboro, NC

But propane can do a lot more all around your home, indoors and out!

More and more of your neighbors here in Davidson and Randolph counties are upgrading their homes with propane.

Why? They’ve discovered all the ways that propane’s efficiency and versatility make their home life better.

With propane, you get efficient and uniform home heating.

Propane is much more energy-efficient than electricity for heating water, and you can increase that efficiency with a propane tankless water heater that gives you endless hot water, on-demand.

Cooking on a propane range makes your food better, thanks to precise, instant temperature control that electricity just can’t provide.

A propane clothes dryer gets your laundry dry faster, with less wear and fewer wrinkles.

Head outside, and propane makes your backyard a destination. It can power your grill, pool and spa heater, deck or patio heater, fire pit and more.

Your neighbors also know that the best way to get the propane for all of this is with propane delivery from Briles Oil & Gas! We’re family-owned, locally based and dedicated to reliable, safe propane delivery and respectful, responsive customer service.

Make life easier with the Keep Full automatic delivery plan

Getting your propane is effortless and worry-free with Keep Full automatic delivery. Once you enroll in Keep Full, your work is done! You don’t have to go outside in bad weather to check your propane tank gauge levels. You don’t have to worry that you forgot and your propane supply ran low—or worse, ran out. A runout means hassle and expense, including an emergency delivery, a required pressure test and professional relighting of the pilots on all of your propane appliances.

To avoid these problems, we will track your propane usage and the current weather. That information allows us to predict when you will need a propane delivery, and we’ll schedule it before your fuel runs low.

If you prefer more control over your propane deliveries, we still have our Will-Call option. But with Will-Call, you are responsible for monitoring your propane usage and checking your tank gauge levels, as well as contacting us to schedule a delivery.

From Archdale to Coleridge, Briles Oil & Gas is the region’s gold standard for dependable propane delivery. Become a customer today.