Propane Delivery and Service in Ramseur, Denton and Asheboro, NC

Count on Briles Oil & Gas

propane delivery for randolph and davidson county

Propane is a great fuel source for homes here in Randolph, Moore, Alamance and Davidson counties. Why? Because of its versatility, efficiency and how cleanly it burns.

You may know that propane is superior for home heating, especially compared with electricity. But propane can do a lot more all around your home, indoors and out.

And you can enjoy all of its benefits no matter where you live, because you’re not dependent on having natural gas lines in your neighborhood.

Your neighbors know that Briles Oil & Gas is the propane delivery service that they can trust. We’ve been known for our reliability and our outstanding service since Harold Briles founded the company in 1960.

We’re your one-stop source for all things propane. Here’s what you get as a Briles Oil & Gas propane customer:

Ready for great propane service at a great price? Become a Briles Oil & Gas customer today.