The Advantages to Owning Your Propane Tank

Written on: December 27, 2021

Leasing keeps you limited

propane tank options north carolinaThe question of whether to lease or buy comes up a lot in life. Should you rent or buy your North Carolina home? How about your car? It’s a question that also applies to your propane tank. As with most lease versus buy debate, the most compelling reason for owning is usually freedom. When you lease, you are bound by certain conditions. For example, how many miles you can drive per year in a leased car or what sort of changes you can make to a rented home. The same is true of your propane tank. When you lease a propane tank, you’re usually tied to one supplier. When you own your own propane tank, you’re free to purchase your propane from whoever you prefer, and you can shop around for the best service and price.

Propane Tank Options

Briles Oil & Gas sells and installs underground propane tanks in a variety of sizes. If you’re in the market for a new propane tank, our expertly trained and safety-focused propane professionals will discuss your current and planned propane usage and help you choose the right tank size for your North Carolina household’s needs.

We sell tanks in the following sizes:

When you purchase a propane tank from Briles Oil & Gas, you won’t be obligated to use us for your propane delivery needs, but we’re confident you’ll want to because we’re dedicated to reliable, safe propane delivery and respectful, responsive customer service.

Briles Oil & Gas is a family business that treats our customers like family. We’ve been providing reliable, courteous service to homes around Davidson and Randolph counties in North Carolina for sixty years. We’re a full-service provider you can trust. Click here to see if we serve your neighborhood.

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