Is it Safe to Cook with Propane?

Written on: December 11, 2023

Discover the Benefits of Propane Gas Stoves

gas stoves Asheboro, nc Is your home safe when you cook with propane? Yes. Propane is safe. It’s also efficient, portable, versatile, eco-friendly, reliable, and readily available. There are many ways propane can improve your quality of life in and around your North Carolina home.

Is There a Gas Stove Ban in North Carolina?

No. Don’t worry. You may have heard about gas bans in the national news affecting places like New York and California. However, there are no laws currently banning gas stoves in North Carolina. In fact, in June, North Carolina lawmakers passed an ordinance that would prevent local governments from banning the purchase of ovens, stoves, and heaters based on fuel.
However, it is a topic that has been debated recently in other parts of the country. That’s due in large part to a 2019 building code regulation in Berkeley, CA, that banned gas connections in new buildings. New York has a similar ban set to take effect next year.

What was the motivation for such a building code? Concerns about climate change. That’s because it was estimated that roughly one third of Berkely’s emissions could be attributed to natural gas. Then there was a shift from environmental concerns to health concerns. This was largely due to a recent study that indicated the potential for indoor air pollution hazards with the use of gas stoves. Then the rumor began to spread that the U.S. government intended to confiscate all of the gas stoves in the country. That is patently false. Even the bans that are going into effect only limit new constructions, not existing homes.

What’s the Truth about Gas Stoves?

The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) has argued that different studies have produced different results in terms of the negative impact to indoor air that different types of stoves produce. They further argue that the sample size of one study (known as the Stanford study) is extremely small. Furthermore, it’s based on unrealistic cooking conditions. In addition, electric stoves are not without their drawbacks. They also produce particulate matter and can emit dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde.

So, what’s the bottom line? Tucker Perkins, president of PERC, had this to say, “Rather than gas bans, states should focus on natural gas supply chains and mitigate potential hazards…. This, along with proper installation, ventilation, and yearly checkups by qualified technicians constitutes a common-sense approach to addressing health and safety concerns around gas appliances.”

Why Use Propane?

There are many reasons you can feel good about using propane in your home. Here are some of the benefits propane offers:

  1. Propane is efficient: That means you get more for your money when you use propane to fuel your appliances.
  2. Propane is portable: Propane is easy to transport, so you can bring it with you whether you’re camping or tailgating.
  3. Propane is versatile: There’s so much propane can do in and around your home. With a single supply tank, you can use propane to cook, heat your home’s water, dry your clothes, and heat your home and pool.
  4. Propane is eco-friendly: Propane is clean and green. It’s non-toxic and produces almost no harmful carbon emissions.
  5. Propane is safe: Propane appliances and tanks must adhere to strict safety standards. Propane has one of the best safety records in the fueling industry.
  6. Propane is reliable: You can’t count on always having electricity—especially after severe weather. However, a propane whole-house backup generator can keep everything in your home up and running during a blackout. That’s something you can count on.
  7. Propane is readily available: The vast majority of the propane used in America is produced here in America. Unlike heating oil, the cost and availability of propane isn’t vulnerable to geopolitical events.

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