How Long Does a Water Heater Last?

Written on: March 13, 2023

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water heater replacement Asheboro, nc If your home’s water heater is showing its age, now is the time to get in touch Briles Oil & Gas to start planning for a new water heater. We sell, install, and service top-quality, energy efficient Rinnai water heaters.

Avoid the stress of needing to make a rushed decision when your water heater fails by replacing it before disaster strikes. Not only is there the potential hassle and cost of replacing a water heater, but you could also be facing expensive repairs if the tank fails and causes water damage.

Did you know that sediment build-up inside your water tank is a common factor in the breakdown of hot water heaters? When this happens, corrosion sets in and eventually leads to deterioration from within.

Life expectancy of water heaters

With proper maintenance, a typical water heater with a tank can last for an average of ten years. However, without regular care and servicing, that life expectancy is reduced.

Here’s how to find out how old your water heater is if you are not sure of its age:

Look for the water heater’s serial number. It is usually located on top of the unit. It will start with a letter followed by a series of numbers. The letter indicates the month in which it was manufactured (“A” for January, “B” for February, etc.), with the immediately following numbers being the year. So, if your water heater’s serial number starts with “F13,” the “F” is for June, and the “13″ is for 2013. This means that your home’s water heater was manufactured in June of 2013.

It’s not just your water heater’s age that determines whether you need water heater replacement; there are other factors you need to consider as well. Has your current water heater started to display the symptoms listed below? If so, it is time for you to contact Briles Oil & Gas and ask about replacing it.

The benefits of tankless water heaters

Investing in a modern propane tankless water heater to replace your old model is an exceptional move to upgrade your home and improve the comfort of you and your family.

When you consider that water heating accounts for around 20% of your household’s energy costs, switching to a propane tankless water heater makes perfect sense. By turning away from electric models and embracing the energy efficiency of a propane model, you can save substantial sums on your energy bills!

With a traditional tank-style water heater, only the hot water stored in the tank is available for use. To keep this stored water at an accessible temperature requires constant reheating and maintenance – which consumes energy unnecessarily.

Unlike traditional storage tank water heaters, a tankless system is designed to only begin heating the water when it’s needed. This groundbreaking technology can potentially reduce your energy consumption for hot water and will provide you with an endless supply of hot water!

Get comfort and energy savings with a new Rinnai water heater from Briles Oil & Gas! Contact us today to get started.