Propane Plays a Role in America’s Energy Solution

Written on: January 31, 2022

An Efficient, Affordable, Eco-Friendly Tool to Heat North Carolina Homes

home energy north carolinaAll Americans want a safe, warm home for their families. With prices rising across the board these days, we’re all working hard to achieve our goals while staying within a tight budget.

At the same time, everyone in this country – and across the globe – is contending against a shared, persistent enemy: climate change. How do North Carolina families heat their homes in an effective, environmentally-responsible way?

These days, the electrification movement dominates the conversation, pushing for all homes to be heated and powered by electricity alone. This is unfortunate, short-sighted and unworkable. It limits homeowners’ energy source choices and places steep financial burdens on them.

When the search for green energy alternatives focuses exclusively on electrification, it ignores other sustainable options. Chief among these is clean-burning, efficient propane!

Propane Is a More Eco-Friendly Home Energy Source

Full electrification advocates don’t often mention propane as a green energy alternative, but it’s greener than electricity in many ways. America’s electric grid relies heavily on greenhouse gas-emitting fossil fuels. While government agencies are working to transition the grid to more-sustainable solar and wind power, their timeline is unknown.

Propane is not a greenhouse gas. It has been classified as an alternative fuel under both the 1990 Clean Air Act and the 1992 National Energy Policy, and it releases practically no pollution. Today’s scientists are working to produce fully renewable propane that is molecularly identical but manufactured with animal fats, plant oils, biomass and other triglycerides.

Propane is Great for Your HVAC System and Appliances

Propane offers a more efficient way to cook, warm your home, and heat your water. Because propane works more effectively than electricity, propane-powered homes have a smaller carbon footprint. Their water heaters and clothes dryers work quicker than electric counterparts.

Additionally, a propane system can accommodate fantastic home additions like outdoor firepits and gas logs.

Propane is Reliable and Affordable

Propane is one of the most cost-effective home energy sources around. While every household is different, most get more bang for their buck with propane than with electricity, largely because their appliances work more efficiently. Also, fitting your home for propane is generally much more affordable than the $20,000 that full-electric conversions can cost.

You also have more reliable heating and power with propane because you control your energy supply. Your house is not relying on an overburdened electric grid that is prone to sudden outages.

North Carolina Homeowners are Turning to Propane

As you can see, propane is a valuable, versatile resource. It can save North Carolina homes lots of money while government agencies work to make the electric grid more reliant on sustainable power. So it’s no surprise that Davidson, Moore, Montgomery, and Randolph counties are seeing more propane tank installations every day!

Whether your North Carolina home uses propane, kerosene or heating oil, Briles Oil & Gas wants to be your partner in home comfort. We handle installation, service, and fuel delivery. Contact us to become a customer today!